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I am a Woman Part II

I am a Woman Part II  

I am a woman of today; fierce, fiery and violent,
Taking control of my life, I am no more a parasite,
Educated, independent; I walk my own way.

I am audacious enough to challenge the wrong,
Virtuous, simple but not naive,
I can’t be be fooled in the name of customs,
I am not blindfolded; I see what goes around.

I raise my voice against all evils,
I am no more a quaking creature,
I can’t be enslaved in this patriarchal society,
I am full of questions; ready to save my existence,
I am no more a stock of laughter rather I save people from being ridiculed,
I detest those who try to teach me the proper dress code or to be submissive.

Gone are the days when I surrendered like a coward,
Now I am ready to fight; not the people but the devilish thoughts
That confined me within the four walls for centuries,
I am neither scared of the dirty looks nor the lewd remarks,
You can’t snatch my dignity,
I’ll pay back in the same coin; if you ever dare to hurt my soul.

I’ll not wait for the justice to be done
But I myself will hang you till death without any further delay,
I’ll no more beg for succor but I’ll choose my own way.
I am followed not because of my stunning presence,
But because of my strength,
I can’t be defeated; my soul remains invincible.

I neither wish to lead nor wish to follow
But I just wish you to stand by my side,
To create a world where women can live a dignified life,
Without any fear of being raped or victimized,
Where they are not judged by their attire
But by their attitude towards life,
Where their flesh is not sold
But they are respected for being the creator,
Where they are not confined within the four walls
But are given the wings of imagination to fly high in the sky,
Where none celebrates the Women’s Day,
But all are committed to stop the female feticidePIC1de…